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The origin of the Contour group began when Hayley and Janice, the co-founding members of Contour, started seeing more and more beauty salons using machines similar to these in their ongoing beauty treatments. 
Both owned and operated several beauty salons between them and looked into purchasing several machines to expand the range of services they could offer their customers.
One of the biggest barriers both had encountered was the huge cost that was associated with the various machines they were interested in. Cheaper machines were available but looked incredibly cheap had a nasty habit of breaking down during treatments
Putting their heads together they looked into striping back the more expansive machines and having them rebuilt to their own specifications. Drawing on their experience within the Beauty industry they got together with other experts and had the machines re-designed for the most popular treatments.
By building the machines themselves they were able to massively reduce the cost of the units while keeping the build quality they had seen in the more expensive machines. They now had confidence in their own machines and knew these would not break down halfway through treatment.

Diode Laser Hair Removal (808 wavelength)


Diode Laser Hair Removal (755 808 1064 Triple Wavelength)


Ultrasound Cavitation Radio Frequency Vacuum Slimming Machine


Contour Hydro Facial


Emsculpting Muscle Build & Fat Burning Machine


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Emma Branson

I’m Loving my results from Contour Dio-Ice Diode laser hair removal in Belle Toujours salon Cardiff…. it’s made my life so much easier not shaving every other day! Hardly NO hair growing after only 4 sessions and I’m due to have 3 more, I wish I started this much sooner!

Gemma Richardson

Janice and Team are so helpful, they have gone to great lengths to help me with every specific details I have asked for. Their attention to detail is remarkable and the machine is out of this world. Having been in the industry 20+ years I won’t ever go anywhere else .. THANK YOU